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How to build a home decoration trick?
Announcer:asdad   Posted on:2016/4/11 11:56:07   CTR:949
"Re-decoration light decoration" has long been a popular decoration word. But if there are some decorative tips? How to build a different kind of home decoration through small coup? Today small for everyone to do a share.

Coffee not to do just enough
Book wall "extract" reading corner
Book Wall "pull" out of a reading area, a lot of flavor and very uncomfortable. Available reading area bay window cushion is also one of skill can be utilized for.

Add details in the plain
Most of the indoor space, the wall or the bed has large space, the overall simplicity of the space, add a little paintings, but it can create a feeling of unexpected

Door mat change greatly reduced cost

If your home improvement budget is extremely tight, so do not use anti-big curtains instead of closet doors can also be used instead of cloth cheap sliding doors so it can greatly reduce the cost of renovation

Coffee not to do just enough
Without a large living room coffee table, just enough! With a small furniture, such as a small sofa, put cushions, blankets catch, forcing grid moment Upgrade