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International Home Furnishings brand HOLA Bentley
Announcer:asdad   Posted on:2016/4/11 11:46:22   CTR:1145
August 28, 2015, International Home Furnishings brand from Taiwan HOLA Bentley and music officially stationed Jingdong online shopping platform! HOLA O2O build a complete marketing model, and Jingdong, micro-channel, three-dimensional operations HOLA stores, in order to bring more value products, quality experience.
August 28, 2015 - September 3, HOLA Jingdong flagship store will held an opening big promotion. Worth 10 million red envelopes waiting for you to take, the world's best single product 9.9 yuan berserk 10000, walk through the cloud FUSION duvet Limited sale 499 yuan; the opening period, HOLA more to join Jingdong introduced enjoy excellent benefits, a key call "Super Gold housekeeper . "

HOLA Bentley and music settled in Jingdong, build three-dimensional business model
HOLA Bentley and music originated in Taiwan Tellus Group, the main soft home, adhering to the concept of "taste of life, easy to have" to provide customers with textile bedding, home furnishings, food, tea, kitchenware, housed finishing the whole category of merchandise, pick the most cutting-edge fashion, into the design of household products, more cost-effective launch its own brand HOLA home, SleepRite like.
HOLA Bentley and music stationed Jingdong, expanding business platform, but also the layout of the home Jingdong settled in a new strong force. At the same time, HOLA hopes that by this initiative fully settled Jingdong electricity supplier linkage, micro-channel, under HOLA line stores, to achieve a more three-dimensional three-dimensional marketing model that allows the customer experience through store merchandise, access to product information anytime, anywhere from the micro-channel, transformed into Jingdong to achieve a key purchase.

Opening crazy promotions, one-button call Super Gold Housekeeping
8.28 HOLA Bentley and music Jingdong flagship store grand opening, all kinds of household products with a unique, stylish design, excellent superior quality, great value for the electricity supplier era. Five days before the opening big promotion, a day before the list of 20 pen spending $ 299, you can call "Super Gold steward" to provide you with two hours Maid service that lets you dress up US home also has a clean home.
Not only that period, new store opening promotion super efforts, 10 million red envelopes collar that is ready to use: at least 199 by 50, at least 399 by 100, at least 799 by 200; daily commodity spike 1; 7 days FREE Shipping, Welfare repeatedly .
Home market competition, the face of current market conditions, to diversify the road, multi-channel development has become a trend, the rapid development of e-commerce for the home industry has brought new opportunities. HOLA Bentley and music took advantage of industry trends, the integration of the value chain, adhere to three-dimensional sales model Direct chain and synchronized electronic business platform built to provide consumers with a more convenient shopping experience and personalized service.