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Indoor jewelry decorated with what principles?
Announcer:asdad   Posted on:2016/4/11 12:01:47   CTR:1067
Each season has its own different color, home furnishings design, whether it is colorful calico, or a gorgeous silk, romantic lace, just want to change different styles of home furnishings, can changes different home styles. In addition, the home of hard lines and cool colors, you can use cloth to soften. Spring, fresh picked flower pattern, spring; summer, choose fresh fruit or floral patterns; autumn and winter, you can put on fluffy pillow, warm winter combination, let us look at both home accessories arrangement which would need pay attention to it.

1. To combine the overall decorating style
First find out the general style and tone, according to the unified tone to this arrangement is not error-prone, for example, simple home design, home accessories with the design sense is very suitable for the entire space of the personality; if it is natural, rustic, with regard to natural wind home accessories.

2. do not have to put out all home accessories
Most people in the layout, often trying everything is displayed. However, placing too many lost features. Then you can simply jewelry category, the same properties at home together, do not rush to all manifested Korean furniture. Once classified, according to the season or festival can be arranged to replace, change to a different mood at home

3. Starting from a small home accessories
Decorations, pillows, tablecloths, small ornaments and other small jewelry is the most easy to use layout of a single product. Beginners can be arranged from the start, and then gradually expand to large home furnishings. Small home accessories often become the focus of vision, to better reflect the owner's interests and hobbies.

4. Symmetrical balance reasonably placed
Some home accessories together, so that it becomes part of the visual focus, symmetrical balance is very important. When next to a large furniture should be arranged in descending order of display, in order to avoid the visual incongruity appears. Or two to keep the center of gravity jewelry consistent, for example, two identical style lamps in parallel, the same pattern pillow two color side by side, so not only can create harmonious sense of rhythm, but also gives a warm and peaceful feeling.