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Status and prospects of the domestic lamp industry
Announcer:asdad   Posted on:2016/4/11 11:40:59   CTR:1192
With economic development, people's level of material life constantly put forward higher requirements. Now on the market in large quantities of production of products has failed to meet people's individual needs. People want to purchase goods to meet the physical features also reflect interest buyers interested, personal taste like. Traditional table lamp products have been deserted, lamp industry in order to change the status quo, you have to combine the individual needs of the structure and function of lamp optimization.

Market research and analysis of existing lamp
Lamp category. Currently lamp on the market are divided into functions: reading, decoration. Divided by style: modern Chinese, European and so on. Material categories: divided aluminum table lamp, glass table lamp, crystal lamps, wooden lamps, ceramic lamps and other.
Lamp optical requirements. The main feature is the lighting of the lamp, so vital to the human eye impact during use. Lamp light source is divided into three categories: incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps. Whatever the source, the optical performance requirements are: ① light-shielding; ② illumination requirements; ③ illumination uniformity requirement. Only by ensuring these three basic optical performance requirements in order to slow the eye fatigue, can be regarded as table lamp.
Findings The research by asking staff to understand the type of lamp, materials, market demand, etc., from the analysis of market trends, as shown in Figure 1: Lamp on the market a range of sales are not the same, mainly distinguished from materials and creative.
Status lamp industry at home and abroad
Domestic status quo. Lamp of high penetration, but due to the presence of large volume, and can not rely on a fixed supply of power cuts and other defects, for our lamps industry provides a great space for development. At present, the domestic market of the type of lamp many styles, divided into categories according to bulb: incandescent, energy saving lamps, LED lights; LED lamp is a light emitting diode as a light source lamp, small size, low power consumption, long service life, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, and many other advantages, so that LED lighting from outdoor decoration, landscape lighting, and gradually developed into household lighting. But the current market, many LED lighting products due to restricted use of materials, manufacturing costs and other factors, and not well demonstrated its advantages. Although large lamp market development space, but the current development of China's industrial lamp still many problems. Through a lot of market analysis, price higher lamp mostly from abroad, while domestic lamp price is generally low, and the high price of domestic individual lamp is not because of the unique design but because of the characteristics of the material or expensive process. Today, the market demands for a lamp is mainly reflected in: First, the pursuit of individuality; Second, diversity and environmental protection features. Therefore lamp is no longer a simple lighting tool, but gradually to the combination, decoration, efficient energy-saving development.
Situation abroad. Europe's lighting design has been leading the trend of the world, such as Italian table lamp design reflects the emphasis in addition to the intrinsic quality of products, but also pay attention to the emotional resonance between people and products. Philips of the Netherlands early emphasis on "people-oriented" principle. Asian companies such as Panasonic and Toshiba in the development of lighting products are also ranked in the world.
Lamps industry trends
Our lamp industry in recent years, showing rapid growth trend, the domestic production of LED lighting lighting enterprises have more than 5,000, since the LED lighting industry to master the core technology is mainly in Europe and other countries, the domestic enterprises mainly produce low-end products, so low value-added products, corporate profits go up. In the production process, energy consumption, product appearance is low, serious environmental pollution, the management level backward, so many businesses have closed down domestic lamp. In this context, some enterprises have accelerated the pace of technological innovation, improve production technology, to effectively enhance the productivity and quality of its lamp. Research agency data show that since 2010, the domestic LED lamp sales average increase of 35%. The overseas market reached 80% household penetration, as shown, LED lighting market showed an increasing trend in Figure 2. In addition, Chinese lamp industry research report first proposed the concept of "new lamp industry" and "substitute industry", and on this basis, to define its specific content, evaluation system and establish a system of quantitative indicators. In addition, trade associations also stand a new perspective deduction and prediction of the lamp is also a development process.
Looking ahead, we can see that, LED lighting is its flexible and convenient advantage to win market recognition and favor. Therefore, the development and application of local lighting products will become the future development trend of the market, companies will produce more personalized lighting products to meet the actual needs of users.