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Optional curtain rod installation Raiders
Announcer:asda   Posted on:2016/4/11 10:34:03   CTR:954
With the hard-mounted entered the final stage, we should consider the owners of fitted curtains and other matters. To ensure stable curtain installation, easy to use, can not help but pay attention to the selection and installation of curtain rods. Here's a look together with small series curtain rod optional installation considerations.

Part1: Learn from the beginning to buy curtain rods classification knowledge
People tend to pay attention to choosing curtains, while ignoring the curtain rod selection. Curtains on the market varied, curtain rod is also true, if the optional curtain rod quality, style aspects are inappropriate, then the final curtain effect well also worrying. Here we take a look at the basic classification knowledge of the curtain rod.

1. a classification: the next shot vs the dark bar
Can be seen in accordance with the curtain rod can be divided into two kinds of bars and dark the next shot, the next shot can be seen in the color bar, decorated head, decorative effect more prominent. Therefore, the next shot is increasingly becoming the main choice of installation curtain installation.
The dark bar is often placed in Chuanglian, Chuanglian two forms: one is the rooms have ceiling (ceiling decoration renderings), the Chuanglian be hidden in the ceiling, making the top of the ceiling when completed together; the other one is not room ceiling, curtain box fixed to the wall with the window frame set as a whole.

2. Category II: Monorail vs track

Curtain rods can be divided according to the structure of single and double track or multi-track, by definition, can only monorail hang side curtains and track can be installed on both sides, one side of the installation screens, side curtain thick install, easy to use. The owners can choose according to their needs.

3. curtain rod material

Curtain rod material with aluminum, iron, wood-based, products of different materials vary widely in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, recommendations Curtain Poles to choose a good point, for it takes a long time, some of the inferior products often easily broken affect the use, or even cause injury.
Aluminum Curtain Poles buy
Aluminum window bars on the market common window rod material, the wall thickness of the purchase when the focus of the window to see the bars, good for a relatively thick wall in 1.5MM-2MM; second look at the pull ring design, poor Curtain Poles using recycled plastic pull ring, the manufacturing process rough.
Wood Curtain Poles buy
Wood Curtain Poles also relatively common, various colors, transparent colors can be divided by type and color cover two kinds, basically depends on the surface treatment, is smooth, the paint is uniform, the shape of ornamental head is symmetrical, etc., with wood trim rail have Article silencer and without dampening of two kinds. If you open and close more of the muffler should be selected.
Wrought iron window bars to buy
Iron Curtain Poles surface treatment spraying, electroplating. Main view when buying quality painting and plating, mount plate thickness, and the thickness of the wall and so on.