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Teach you how to choose the curtain rod
Announcer:sadas   Posted on:2016/4/11 9:16:41   CTR:972
The eye is the window of the room, and beautiful, with windows accessories will play a finishing touch inside the room, so the curtain rod how the election has become a top priority issue.
    First, the kind of curtain rod
It can be seen by the curtain rod divided into two categories: the next shot and dark bar: the next shot is that you can see the color and decorative curtain rod pole head (commonly known as the flower head) modeling. Because it is consistent with modern society, "Light fitting, re-decoration" trend, more and more families are being welcomed and accepted. Dark bar and bright bar opposite, often placed Chuanglian, people easily see the pole itself. This way of decoration has become increasingly outdated, is gradually being eliminated by the times.
    Second, the choice of curtain rods Points
(1) color curtain rods and window cover should be similar, because if you choose a white curtain rods, are likely to have color and white walls, incongruous contrast --- This is the actual installation has been repeatedly verified big mistake.
(2) decorative styles and colors to coordinate according to home decoration and curtains primary colors with different colors of the curtain rod, and to mix with the overall style of the home, making the overall room color aesthetic coherence.
(3) to buy curtain rods, best to buy more than a "slot", the noise can be reduced, the original curtain rods a pull on the "Wow" "Wow", and with this groove, the more humane . Choose a wooden curtain rods, with a monochrome or simple lines of curtains, is maintaining the status quo of the country style match. With a large plaid curtains, still with wooden curtain rods, a good show in front of the British pastoral style.
(4) different materials, different styles of art curtain rod iron club head with a silk or gauze fabrics used in the bedroom, there is a strong contrast between the rigid contrast the United States: while the wood carved head, giving warm satiety.
(5) curtain rod inevitably have screws, but not too prominent, thus affecting the overall appearance curtains, such as: whether surface-brushed, sprayed color is uniform and so on.
   Third, the choice of curtain rods should be noted that several issues
(1) pole wall thickness generally manufacturers to cut corners often play tricks in the selected materials, the thinner the wall thickness, the smaller loading capacity pole later in the course of the more prone to accidents. Experts suggest that many ask the salesperson when designers choose, or they will decorate the head (commonly known as the flower head) removed, perceive the essence, in general, the thicker the better.
(2) The material of products to choose material sturdy, durable products. Wooden products easily feel moth cracking, the more time hanging heavy curtains, easy to bend and pull the curtains are astringent heavy;; In general, plastic products easy to aging aluminum single product color, aluminum foreskin time a long and very easy to open plastic, not load-bearing performance is poor abrasion; paint iron products easily paint, only products of iron plating, surface treatment brilliance, and load-bearing, good wear resistance, full color stylish, modern complex aesthetic appeal;
(3) selection of the domestic real estate is the holder cover more, but the quality of the room really can not Christine compliment. Thin hollow wall, clay, less cement "tofu wall" abound. Many families because of the wall, pole Ann does not go up, but the placement or barely precarious, such examples abound. How to do? The house has been bought, can not be turned down again dissatisfied with heavy cover. Experts suggest you pay more attention to your choice of the pole with a bracket. In general, the contact surface with the wall bracket to a large, stable and hang up, the distribution of the appropriate length of wire gong to eat real live forces, and secondly the degree of skilled workers, installation experience and technology is also critical. Many times workers go too fast and easy to install, irresponsible hastily on the wall, leaving a lot of hidden dangers. Experts suggest that the production designer is best to ask a professional curtain rod factory workers to door installation, such products and services are most secure.
(4) details in the purchase of curtain rod, the details can not be ignored. For example, there is the inevitable curtain rod screws, but not too prominent, thus affecting the overall appearance curtains; to double-check process, such as: whether surface-brushed, sprayed color is uniform, etc.
(5) brand is now producing curtain rod manufacturers cohabitation, is difficult to distinguish good and bad, consumers should as far as possible to those of high-profile fabric store or chain stores, the selection of those brands, reputation, strength, product quality and after-sales service has guaranteed manufacturers of products, so that good design and careful with the impeccable!
   Fourth, the choice of curtain rod Tips
(1) fixed style. According to its own style of decoration and the main colors, styles and colors to determine the curtain rod diameter. Under normal circumstances is along color or contrasting colors. Usually families choose curtain rod diameter 28MM more, the larger the diameter, the thicker rod.
(2) Concept of quality. Popular curtain rod is aluminum alloy, while plastic coated steel pipes still exist (inner layer steel pipe, outside the plastic bag). Remove the decorative curtain rod head, you can see their profiles Bo Hou, general and proportional to the price Bohou wall.
(3) See services. Where before you buy be sure to ask whether a sound service, because no matter how good things are little problems that may occur